Cages, Food, Supplies and more

At Anchor Bay Aquarium, we specialize in hand fed baby birds. Through our partnership with our own local private breeder, we are able to offer Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Parrotlets in several rare and beautiful color morphs. Blue Front, Lilac Crown, and Yellow Naped Amazons, Patagonian Conuers, Mitred Conures, Pionus, Canary Winged Parakeets, Indian Ringnecks, Bourke's Parakeets and more are also set up for breeding and are sold exclusively through Anchor Bay Aquarium.
We are proud to be able to offer more than 75% of our hand fed birds through our "In House" breeding program, as it helps us to assure their complete health and overall well being from the day they hatch until the day they go to their permanent homes. In the event that we do not have the particular bird you are looking for, we also network with serveral reputable breeders across the country and are able to ship in and hand feed birds on request.
In addition to hand fed baby birds, we also carry many parent-raised birds including (but not limited to): many types of Finches and Canaries, Diamond Doves, Button Quail, breeder quality Cockatiels and Lovebirds, as well as rescues and re-homes from time to time.

Quality Enclosures

We offer the full line of Vision bird cages, with ten models to choose from, along with stands and accessories. Please visit for more info.

We also carry cages for larger birds/ multiple birds. These cages are well constructed and powder coated, making them very durable and easy to clean. We stock several sizes, styles and colors and can also special order and ship cages. To see all the different styles that are available to us, visit A&E Cage Co.

Products Carried

We stock bird food and products from the following manufacturers:


Living World

Anchor Bay's Avian Soft Food
Pretty Bird
Crazy Corn

Living World
A&E/ Happy Beaks
Blue Ribbon
Jungle Talk/ 8-in-1
Virbac/ Mardel

Baby Bird Updates
This is where you can find updates on what is coming up and when you can expect to see it in the store. We take deposits on babies that are not fully weaned, so check back often so you don't miss out!


Handfeeding cockatiels. Some weaned and ready to go

10.18.14 Parent raised keets available
10.18.14 Zebra, society fiches
10.18.14 Breeder and previously owned parrots
10.18.14 Great singer canary available now
Wild Bird

We carry a variety of Wild Bird food and feeders from the following manufacturers:

-Nature's Window

Products include:
-Several types of general seed mixes
-Thistle by the pound
-Peanuts by the pound
-Sunflower chips
-Cracked corn
-Suet cakes/ Patio blocks
-Hummingbird & Oriole nectar

Baby Pics!