Marine Fish, Coral,
and Invertebrates

The list below contains specimens that are new and exciting,
or just running exceptionally nice right now.

Aquatic News

New Corals and Fish!


We carry a complete line of Aquavitro products for both fresh and saltwater!


Open Brain Coral


Arag-Alive by CaribSea!


Hammer Coral


Frozen, Pelleted, and Freeze-dried

foods by Hikari!



Domino Damsel

Blue damsels

4 stripe damsels

Yellow belly damsels

Yellow tail blue damsels

Select ultra corals

Acan Lord Frag (Aust)

Ultra LPS Corals

Grade "A" Frags

Orange Yuma Ricordia

Large Zooanthid Colonies

Green Blastomussa

Large Branched Frogspawn and Hammer Colonies

Clown Gobies

Diamond Goby

Mandarin Gobies

Firefish Goby

Purple firefish goby

Bar goby

Pajama Cardinals

Bangaii cardinals

Blue Streak Cardinal

Snowflake eel


Neon Dottyback

Royal Gramma

Emerald Crab

Bubble Anemone

Sebae Anemone

Candycane Gobies

Algae Blenny

Blue Tangs

Atlantic Pygmy Angels

Lunare Wrasse

Melanurus Wrasse

Yellow Wrasse

Astrea Snail

Cerith Snail

Mexican Turbo Snail

Nassarius Snail

Feather dusters

Maroon Clown

Tomato Clown

Ocelaris Clown

Percula clowns, lg wild

Black percula clowns

Sebae clowns

Cleaner Shrimp

Yellow Tangs

Desjardini Tangs

Magnificient Foxface

Shark Eggs

Coral Banded Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

Red-leg hermits

Plus lots more!